Jun 17, 2008

How to serve green tea vol. 4 Bancha

Green tea cups by Kakiemon, Imari


Bancha is lower price regular Japanese tea.
Bancha has lower caffeine than other green teas.
It is a more gentle tea on your stomach.
This tea is especially suitable for children.
Bancha has polysaccharides and catechin.
Polysaccharide reduces sugar in the blood, and catechin reduces fat.
For these reasons, Japanese restaurants usually serve Bancha after dinner.

1. Put tea leaves into the teapot. Allow for 3 grams of tea leaves per person.
2. Bring 5oz. (150ml) of water to boiling. Pour boiling water into the teapot and wait a minimum of 30 seconds for the tea leaves to soak.
3. See “Cycle pouring” in vol.1.
4. Nibancha (second tea), pour hot water into teapot and wait 30 seconds.See “Cycle pouring” in vol.1.


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