Jun 21, 2008

How to serve green tea vol. 5 Matcha

Tea caddy


Matcha has a deeper meaning that reflects on all aspects of the Japanese culture.
Matcha basic serving requires a tea mixer (chasen) and tea cup for matcha (chawan).

1. Pour hot water into chawan and mix the hot water by chasen.
2. Wait a moment and then pour out hot water (remove leftover water). This process warms up the chawan.
3. Put 2 grams of matcha into chawan.
4. Bring approximately 3 oz. (100ml) of water to boiling and pour into chawan.
5. Mix tea and hot water with a chasen until tea foams.
6. Stroke the surface to break larger bubbles.


Hughes Family said...

Thanks for the recipe for boiled daikon. We are here for two years and on our 1st trip to the mountains we had this dish and love it. I was so happy to find this recipe. I will let you know how I do!

Arigato Gozaimasu

Katie Hughes

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