Jun 14, 2008

How to serve green tea vol. 3 Gyokuro

Green tea cups from Kutani


Gyokuro is the best quality of green tea, having a very good taste and fragrance.

When the tea tree leaves begin to open, the tree is covered by plastic sheets or straw for 20 days to protect it from direct sunshine. The process yields young tea leaves that have a rich taste that is less bitter.

Because it is so special, Gyokuro should be served in small tea cups.

1. Bring 0.7 oz. (20ml) of water to boiling. Pour hot water into tea cups. Let it cool down (120-140 degree F, 50-60 degree C).
2. Pour hot water from teapot into small green tea cups until they are 70% full. This process warms the cups. Empty out any leftover hot water.
3. Put tea leaves into teapot. Allow for 3 grams of tea leaves per person.
4. Pour the hot water back from the cups to the teapot, and wait 2 or 2 and half minutes for the tea leaves to soak.
5. See “Cycle pouring” in vol.1.
6. Nibancha (second tea), pour hot water into teapot and wait 30 seconds.
7. See “Cycle pouring” in vol.1.

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