Jun 10, 2008

How to serve green tea vol. 2 Sencha

Green tea cup & saucer from Tokoname


Sencha is regular Japanese green tea.
There are two key points for serving;
a) Let the hot water cool down slightly.
b) Don’t leave any tea in the teapot.

1. Pour hot water into a small (2-3 oz. or 60-90ml) teacup until it is 80% full. Let teacup cool down to 160-195 degrees F (70-90 degrees C).
2. Put tea leaves into teapot. Allow for 2 grams of tea leaves per person. If you make tea for 1 or 2 people, add a bit of extra leaves.
3. Pour hot water from teacups to teapot, and wait 60 seconds for the tea leaves to soak.
4. See “Cycle pouring” in vol.1.
5. Nibancha (second tea), pour hot water into teapot and wait 10 seconds.
6. See “Cycle pouring” in vol.1.

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