Dec 10, 2007

Japanese Table Manners for Chopsticks 2

Handmade chopsticks from Wakasa

5. Do not lick your chopsticks.
There are many Japanese meals served on the large plate or in the bowl.
We have to share it other people.
How would you feel if somebody licked their chopsticks.
Recently many Japanese people use other chopsticks for only sharing.
Some people use the opposite end of your chopsticks
in order to move food from a shared plate to your own plate,
if you have already used your chopsticks.

6. Do not pick up a cup/bowl with the hand that is holding your chopsticks.
The chopsticks sometimes hit something.

7. Finished eatingLay them down in front of you with the tip to left.
If disposal chopsticks have a cover, put them into the cover and fold the top of the cover.
It means I am finished eating. If waiters see it, they take your dishes and clean up your table.

How much did you know that?

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