Dec 14, 2007

Chigo parade

One of the old Shinto shrines in Mie prefecture had
a Chigo parade last Saturday.
The shrine is Tado-Taisha.

The parade is a commemoration for rebuilding one of their buildings.
Japanese famous shrines have this kind of parade
when they construct or rebuild their building.

The Chigo parade was led by 600 kids and the Shinto priest and horse.
The shrine is famous for religious services with horses.

Then, my daughter joined the Chigo parade.
They rented us kimonos and a hair ornaments.

There is the custom in Aichi and the nearby areas.
If girls (under 10 years old) have joined the Chigo parade,
the girls will be happy for life.

My daughter has done this once.
I have to find two more the kinds of parades...

I never joined the parade, when I was boy.
It may be OK, because I am boy!

My wife has done this once.
It is Ok, better than nothing.

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