Dec 6, 2007

Japanese Table Manners for Chopsticks 1

Hand made chopsticks from Wakasa

1. Do not stick chopsticks into your food.
You have to pick up your food with chopsticks.
Especially do not stick chopsticks into rice.
This is only done at funerals.
You stick chopsticks in the rice on the altar.
It is a custom of Buddhism.

2. Do not pass food with your chopsticks to somebody else’s chopsticks.
That’s also only done at funerals and is a custom of Buddhism.
After cremating we send bone around by using chopsticks.

3. Do not hit tableware with chopsticks.
There are not drum sticks.
Do not make noise.

4. Do not point with chopsticks.
Not only at somebody, but also at something.

To be continued.

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