Dec 21, 2007

Antique fair in Nagoya vol. 1

New Item in web shop Fish shape dish

I went to an antique fair to find antique sake ware
and green tea ware in Nagoya.
It is a big fair, joined by over 100 sellers.
The fair is held three times in every year.

I found two fine antique sellers in the fair.

One was selling antique sake ware and tea ware
in glass cases with a key lock.
I was interested in some their sake wares and asked the prices.
The shop owner told me one is $3000 and others are
from $3000 to $6000.
I asked him again, “Do you have anything under $1000?”
He told me with a forced smile, “ How about this?”
He showed me a sake cup.
It was not so good looking for me.
He showed me another sake cup.
It was also not so good.
That was all they have under $1000.

He told me why there are so expensive.
Their items were made by a famous master potter a 100 years ago.
He told me some names of master potters.
I did not know that.

The antique word is so complicated.
I felt I have to study more to handle the kind of items.

Finally I just bought two antique magazines regarding
antique sake ware.
I will study, and present what I learn from the magazines
on this blog.

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Well written article.