Nov 30, 2007

Living National Treasure

Yashokichi Tokuda III from Kutani

I went to a Pottery Fair in my city with my parents.
My father loves sake ware.
He likes to see pottery shops when he takes a trip.
Sometime he bought special sake ware.

13 years ago, he bought a vase and a guinomi (sake cups) at Kutani.
It is a beautiful blue vase and guinomi.
He has kept the vase in the dining room since that day.

He sometimes tells me the vase's price is increasing,
because the potter was designated a Living National
Treasure three years after my father bought the vase.
His name is Mr. Yasokichi Tokuda.
His items are as follows,

So, we went to the Kutani booth at the Pottery Fair.
My father found the same kind of vases.
Those were around $3000 and over.

He bought the vase for $600 with free guinomi.

I saw similar sake cups sold around $500.

What a lucky guy!

The value of pottery is related to the potter.
If a potter is nameless, his works are low priced.
If a potter has many awards, his works are high priced.
If a potter is a Living National Treasure, his works are
tremendous priced!

I want to sell items made by a Living National Treasure in the near future.
The inventory cost would kill me now!

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