Dec 1, 2007

Living National Treasure 2

Tea pot: Jozan Yamada from Tokoname

I told my father Iwould tell his vase story on my blog.
He told me more stories.

If a Living National Treasure dies, his products will increase in value.
Then, the values never drop down and keep increasing.

If my father dies….
It is not a good joke.

It might be a good investment, if I find good young potters.
It is one of the joys to collect pottery.

There are 26 Living National Treasures in pottery.
I picked up 5 potteres from four districts as follows,

Minori Yushita


Anonymous said...

Hello, I've found this blog by Google, it's very very interesting !!! Omedeto.


davichunternyc said...

I have been looking for a Jozan Yamada teapot for years. I ran across this website and was so pleased to find so many of his teapots. Are any of them for sale? Thank you.
David Hunter

davichunternyc said...

It has been a couple of months since I left my last comment. I am hoping that someday I could acquire a Yamada Jozan lllrd kyusu. If anyone could help me, please email me at: