Nov 26, 2007

Shichi Go San

I went to a Shinto shrine to celebrate my daughter's growth
and to pray for her well being.
It is Shichi Go San.

My daughter, wife and I wore kimonos.
My mother has a license to teach kimono wearing.
She loves to let us wear kimonos.
Especially she wants this for my daughter, because I do not have any sisters.

So now, Japanese people do not wear kinomos very often.
Only a few people do.

Most Japanese do not have many chances to wear a kinomo.
We wear kinomos at
wedding parties (host and guest)
Coming of Age ceremony (girl)
and New years.

On new years many Japanese go to a Shinto shrine to pray.
When I was kid, I could see many people wearing kimonos.
Now there are not so many.

It is so sad.

I am lucky my mother wants to let us wear kimonos.
My mother-in-law likes to buy kimonos.
So I am going to wear a kimono every year.

I can feel a graceful traditional with kimono.
It is extraordinary.
It is fun!

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