Nov 12, 2007

Japanese tea

Japanese Tea pot from Tokoname

How much do you know about Japanese tea?
There are many kinds in Japan.
But, we say "ocha" for all kinds of Japanese tea.
Let's study about ocha!

Japanese tea is classified roughly into five kinds as follows,

Matcha is a fine, powdered green tea used particularly
in Japanese tea ceremony, as well as to dye and flavor foods
such as noodles and green tea ice cream.
The most famous Matcha area is Uji in Kyoto.
It is special green tea and not daily tea.

Sencha is a term which refers to Japanese green tea produced
without grinding the tea leaves.
It is the most famous green tea in Japan.
If Japanese say "ocha", in most of cases it means Sencha or Bancha.

Bancha is made the same way as sencha.
But, Bancha is harvested later than Sencha.
It is harvested between summer and autumn.
The leaves are larger than Sencha and the flavor is less full.
Bancha is more economical.
It is good for diabetes.

Hojicha is roasted to make it more flavorful.
It is kind of brown tea and more economical.

Gyokuro is a fine and expensive type of green tea from Japan.
Selected from a grade of green tea known as sencha,
gyokuro's name refers to the pale green color of the infusion.
It is high quality and high priced.
Price range
Matcha > Gyokuro > Sencha > Bancha = Houjicha

There are many other kinds of teas including Japanese herb.
Dokudami-cha, genmai-cha, tsukimisou-cha, habucha,
tochucha, kaki leaf cha, siso leaf cha, kuwa leaf cha,
shiitake mushroom cha...

I drink Natamame-cha now.
It is good for running nose, sinus and alveolar pyorrhea.
I have sinus problems, and I think it helps.
I hope so!


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