Nov 14, 2007

Green tea at sushi restaurant

Tea cup from Kutani

There is a close connection between green tea and sushi.
I like to drink green tea rather than sake when I eat sushi.

You know “gari” is pickled ginger.
Why do sushi restaurants give us gari?
Ginger and wasabi have the ability to kill bacteria.
Gari can cleanse your palette.
If you eat “toro” (fat tuna) or eel or something
with strong taste, you had better eat gari to
reset your taste, especially before you eat white meat fish.

So I think green tea also has ability to cleanse your palette.
That is the reason I drink green tea with sushi.

Green tea is called “agari” in a sushi restaurant.
It means start in English.
So sushi restaurants give us tea first of all.
Sushi restaurants use some unique Japanese words.
I will list it in the blog later.

Their green tea is special.
There are many different ways to prepare tea.
It is the secret at each sushi restaurant.
Some sushi restaurants mix gyokuro and matcha.
Some mix sencha and matcha.
Some exclusive sushi restaurants roast the tea
just before brewing it

Green tea in a sushi restaurant is special.
If you tell the sushi chef “the AGARI is great”!
I think sushi chef will be happy and give you special service.


KayCee said...

I love the beautiful Sakura cup on this post. I just came back from a year in Japan (my second time there -- the first time was for six years. I enjoyed reading about sushi and green tea -- something I can't find in my small town here in South Carolina. I look forward to reading more on your blog. Hope you check out my blog with keitai pictures from Japan.

Yutaka said...

Oh! it is amazing!
You came back from Japan.
I came back from North Calorina.
I love boild peanuts and Charleston.

Please come back to my blog.
Thank you for the comment.