Nov 7, 2007

Sake unit (Gou)

1 gou Masu (1 gou = 6 oz. = 180ml)

Japan has many kinds of traditional units.
Most units are not used very often right now.
But traditional goods still use the units.

If you order a Kimono, the kimono shop would measure your size by "sun".
1 sun = 30mm = 1-1/4 inch

Sake uses the traditional units.
"Gou" or "shou" is a traditional volume unit.
It is used for rice too.

1 gou = 6 oz. = 180ml
1 shou = 10 gou = 60 oz. =1800ml

You know a large bottle of sake is 1 shou.
We call that "1 shou bin".
Bin means a bottle.
A large soy souce bottle is 1 shou too.

I talked about masu on the sake cup ware page.
A masu was used as a measuring tool.
The capacity is just 6 oz. (180ml).
Some Japanese use it to measure when they cook steamed rice .

I have some masus in my office.
If you buy sake ware at my web shop, I will include a masu for free.
Please contact me from web shop if you want it.

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