Jan 17, 2008

Nibbles for sake

Sake set from Imari

I love snacks after dinner.
Because I do not need to cook and it is good for a long time.

As with the relationship between wine and cheese, sake has many companions.
I list companions for sake as following.
You can find these foods at Japanese grocery stores.

Dry foods,
Dried Squid (Surume)
Dried fish (Kawahagi, Iwashi, Tara, Salmon)
Dried scallop

In a bottle
Shiokara (salted squid)
Tako wasabi (salted octopus with wasabi)
Shuto (pickled entrails of tuna)
Uni (sea urchin) in salt

In a can
Ankimo (liver of sea toad)

Kamaboko (Cod fish cake)
Mentaiko (salted egg of cod with hot pepper)
Karasumi (salted egg of mullet)
Wasabi-duke (wasabi with Sake-kasu)

I love dried scallops, kanimiso & karasumi.
Karasumi is very expensive food.
It is around $80 per 100g in Yahoo shop Japan.
My daughter is two years old loves dried squid.

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