Oct 27, 2007

Sake ware (cups)

choko Imari

Sake wares has many different kinds.
It is cool if you use different sake wares for different occassions.

a) Choko
Choko is the most popular cup for sake.

material; ceramic
capacity; around 1 oz. (30ml)
uses; all temperature of sake.

There are many collectors who are buying very expensive ones.
My dad bought over $200.00 of choko in Kyoto.
It was not a bad price.
I saw many of over $500.00 choko at Yahoo Japan Shop.
Who wants to buy!

b) Guinomi
Guinomi is a large type of choko.

material; ceramic or glass
capacity; around 1.5 oz. (50ml)
uses; all temperature of sake - ceramic
cold sake - glass

But, I think sometimes it is too hot to drink if you use it for hot sake.
You might consider sake temperature.

c) Sakazuki
Sakazuki has many different kinds.

material; ceramic or wood with japanese lacquer (rhus lacquer)
I saw solid gold sakazuki!
shape; shallow and wide cup
uses; room temperature sake

Sakazuki has a long history.
It is used for ceremonies. (wedding and all celebrations)
You know the Japanese Mafia.
They also use a sakazuki for the ceremony of making friendly cooperative relations.
In the ceremony they use only one sakazuki to drink sake.
It is the evidence of the promise.

d) Masu
material; wood
uses; room temperature sake
capacity; 1 gou (6oz. 180ml) or 2 gou (12 oz, 360ml)
Gou is a Japanese unit.

It is also used for ceremonies.
Some masu has the mark of the sake maker.
Some people put salt on the corner.
They enjoy sake with salt.

How many kinds did you know?

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