May 15, 2008

Momiji (Japanese Maple)

Kiyomizu Sake bottle (Tokkuri)

Kiyomizu Sake Cup (Choko)

Japanese have always appreciated the changes in seasons. Each season has unique characteristics, but autumn is one of the most favorite seasons. During autumn many Japanese people visit the mountains to see the trees’ changing colors. Two of the most popular areas are Nikko in Kanto and Arashi-yama in Kyoto.

The most common broadleaf tree is Momiji. The name comes from “leaves turn red”. The shape is unique and like a baby’s hand. Momiji has yellowish green buds in the spring that turn to dark green in the summer. The green changes to yellow briefly, and then red in autumn. Each color change has its own elegance.

Momiji pattern is used for Kimono, pictures, pottery and other traditional crafts. Momiji and Sakura (cherry blossoms) patterns are the most prized here.

Is maple in your country also very beautiful?

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