Oct 17, 2007



This is Yutaka.
First of all, let me introduce myself as follows.

name: Yutaka
sex: male
birth: May 29th 1974
born: Nagoya, Japan
job: web shop owner
mother language: Japanese
second language: American English
interests: shopping, golf, NFL & travel

I am going to open my web shop of Japanese Hand Craft on Oct. 31. 07.
Please visit my shop after that,

Through the blog, I want to present lots of traditional culture to people all over the world.
There is a lot of culture in Japan.
I will introduce the traditional culture and goods one by one.

I hope everybody enjoys reading and understanding some Japanese culture.

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Harold said...

Very cool site.I became interested in Japanese yakimono and local sake makers (although I am a shochu drinker.I can't help it I lived in Kyushu too long!)while living in Japan.A visit to Kyoto is always a special treat to be savored.If it doesn't arouse the senses nothing will.I particularly love to visit many of the mini Kyoto towns also called sho-Kyoto.So many good eats and traditional artists.Good luck with the site.